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Thread: wheels & suspension?

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    wheels & suspension?

    Hi guys,

    Im pretty new to the site but i hope some of you can help me with this. Ive read alot of threads about wheel sizes and suspension but didnt see much that helped. I have a 98 astra 1.6 8 valve 5 door club and i want to fit my 17" alloys from my cavalier on it. Ive put my 95 cavalier in my garage to sleep for while so the astra realy could do with the wheels. But what suspesion do i go for? all i see is 40mm springs or 40mm shocks & springs kits.

    What i'd like idealy is a 60mm drop on shocks & springs with my 17's that are running 205/40's. Any of you guys done this? or is a 40 drop nice too?
    Also.... what are your thoughts on suspenion, i dont need adjustables, fixed rate is fine.

    Cheers guys


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    40mm is a pretty nice drop, 17's will go straight on with 40mm drop. I don't know about 60mm drop, they might still easily go on.
    Just get a matched spring and shock set, something like Apex, or even Gmax sets are decent for around £200.
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    shame about the car shell tho,lol.

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    i have a 60mm g-max kit on my cavalier and im really impressed with it, a friend has koni's and thers no noticable diference... anyway... i think g-max only make 40mm springs for the astra, all i see to see is 25-30mm kits, thats no use! lol might just go for the springs. for now at least, will keep looking tho. Thanks

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