Hi guys,

I'm hoping you can help me make a decision as to what to do with my Coupe when it's 3 years as Company Car are up.

It's a Black 1.8 Coupe Edition (125bhp), registered 25th January 2002 (51 reg).

Spec is standard plus:

17' factory wheels
Irmscher Rear spoiler (factory fitted)
Irmscher Front Bumper Extension
Irmscher Rear Extension
Irmscher Grille
Irmscher Stainless Steel Rear Box

plus there's about £1500 worth of ICE (with receipts).

The car's been impeccably maintained, polished almost every week with Auto Glym or more recently MER. I've ran it on Optimax since new, and it's been serviced every 10k without fail and no expense has been spared in it's pampering.

It'll be on around 70k miles in Jan05 which leaves me with the decision of whether I should buy it and sell it on to get my money back on the Irmscher kit and ICE, or do I rip off what I can and give it back to fleet?

Obviously it depends on what price I get it offered at from fleet, but can any of you give me an indication as to it's realistic resale value once it's 3 years old on 70k miles with the extras mentioned.

It goes without saying the car is mint - in fact I've just come in from giving it a polish haha

All comments and advice appreciated.