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Thread: Wheel cap problems

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    Wheel cap problems

    I have spoken to both smiths and Wolfrace regarding my damaged centre caps on my 17" smiths dragon wheels and it`s not good news.

    Smiths said I needed to speak with wolfrace wheels as they were manufactured and imported into the uk by them. Spoke to wolfrace who confirmed that the wheels were discontinued (which I already new) and that there would be no possibility of getting hold of a new set.

    Any advice on this. Can the centre caps be replicated somehow as I really want to keep these wheels.

    Failing all that, I guess I will have to buy a new set of alloys
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    Speak to a plastic moulding company or even a compentent body shop to make one out of fibre glass or plastic.

    It will be a lot of hassle to do but if you like the wheels then you will have to do it

    May be worth checking ebay for a set of damaged wheels??
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    a good metal works should be able to make you the centre caps. Look for metal engineers in the yellow pages, maybe even try companies that specialise in re-producing motorbike parts. Shouldnt be a problem. Its just finding the right guys.

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