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Thread: Silvatec bulbs

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    Silvatec bulbs

    Tried to change the indicator bulbs today for the silvatec bulbs. All was going quite well except the usual loss of skin from my knuckles, swapped the bulbs put the holding thing back in position but it wouldn't go on. Pulled the holder back and the b*stard bulb wasn't with it!

    So i now have a loose bulb rattling around in my headlights, and to make it worse the correct torx screw bit i need to get the bumper off, to get the light out, to get the bulb out is the only one i've lost.

    Sooooooooo p*ssed off!

    Another happy day modding

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    Get a thin rod (knitting needle or a bit of twin and earth) and wrap it in very sticky tape the wrong way around (so the sticky is on the outside).

    Should be able to fish the lamp out with that, worked on the old Corsa B a treat

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