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Thread: Small accident in driveway - could have been expensive

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    Small accident in driveway - could have been expensive

    I reversed into my driveway today after cleaning the car further up the drive and hit a metal post. I heard a loud noise as I scraped it and thought I might have scraped my wheel but then noticed a lot of scratches and black marks on my rear wheel arch.

    Really annoyed with myself BUT I got the Mer and the T Cut out and it all came out except two very small scratches. There is no damage other than that. I was so happy it came good.

    Just thought I'd share my stupidity.

    The scratches are very small. I can't feel then with my finger nail but I can see them if I look for them.

    Is it worth me using T Cut many times or is it just going to get as good it is going to after a couple of applications? I was worried too much might begin to have a negative affect on the paint.

    Also, am I right in saying the wheel arch is plastic? It sounds like it is from tapping it.

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    The arches are all matal as far as i know, the lower part of the arch is plastic, ie; the bumper!

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