I have deleted this post due to the amount of unwanted attention from other forums. The origonal topic was a discussion better ASTRA-SPORT members about the differanceses between the CTR and ATC.

Being an ASTRA site this discussion was always going to be biased towards the owners car of choice on this board....AN ASTRA! To be fair as with most discussions on astra-sport there is a lot of admiration in other car manufactures and spercific models, this is a free board and everyone is entilted to have an opinion.

No members of astra-sport have ever (to my knowledge) gone on to other web sites to mouth off, or genrally cause annoyance. Astra-sport wants no part in shouting the odds over which car is better with other forums. We have chossen our due to personal preferance and affordabilty, we are happy with our choice hense the nature of this site.

We hope you you enjoy astra-sport if you choose to look around the rest of the site. If you have any problems with any astra-sport members please feel free to contact me by email at the following address: