Had the pleasure of driving my mates car this weekend which has the AMD remap on his car. I think the equivalent we have here is the phase 2, which gives the car around 315nm of torque around 15psi of boost, and around 120kw@wheels. Even though the power in kw aint that much compared with the other forms of tuning eg unichip which gets around 140kw@wheels, i must say i was very impressed with the maps.

The car seems to pull away great, lots of torque and very responsive all the way to red line, well done AMD.

Only had a few questions about the product. It seems that when we hit redline in 3rd gear the engine light comes on, it doesn't seem to effect the performance of the car but its just annoying having it come on and off. Also when we hit 4th gear and getting closer to the 5000rpm range we hear a winding noise from the turbo, as if the throttle body is working againts the turbo (looks like the throttle isn't opening up 100%) maybe to protect the turbo, so this seems to make the car drop in power compared with the unichip.

As i said i think the AMD remap is great specially since there is no wire cutting and the dealerships cant detect the maps. Iam sure once AMD have tweaked the maps they will be great!