well fitted another new rad and think i,ve sorted out why the new one bust.i have the regal power pipe on and it was pushing the rad forward more so when i floored it.so i,ve cut rubber hoses down so there isn,t as much force on the radwhat do you think could this be my problem.also a taxi ran in to the back of me at some traffic lights he gave me a right thump got out of the car i was sh.tting my self incase it was bad but no all its done is cracked the paint and some fine scratches.so we went to my mates (top sprayer) for him to check it all he couldn,t beleive it no damage just the scratches and a in the paint like a spiders web as big as a 5p any way the taxi driver told me to take it to this garage and they will sort it.so i took the the wife down to check this garage out i thought it would be a cowboy but no he does all top class bmw,jag,werc and a mk5 astra 1.8 sri he was putting a irmershir body kit on for vauxhall at barnsley for there show room very nice looking car.