You will need

2 Later plate headlights
1 New grille
8mm socket or spanner
Philips Screwdriver

Time Taken - 1 1/2 hours Max

Difficulty (1-10) - 4

1. Remove the side indicators - there is a small hole to the rear of the front crossmember that you can see a screw through - that retains the indicator in place.

Loosen this screw- dont remove it.

2. The indicators will now pull out forwards - no need to disconect the wiring for this.

3. Remove the grille - this is only held in by clips - and Haynes suggests moving the grille a little to the left to withdraw it - but this made no difference in practice, There are 4 clips across the top edge of the grille and 2 under the headlight - its the 2 under the headlight that need prising out first and carefully to prevent it twisting.

4. There are 3 8mm bolts for the headlight - 2 on the top - and one was concealed by the indicator. Remove these bolts

5. Disconnect the headlight, sidelight and hight adjust connectors

6. Carefully push the outer edge of the light inwards and the edge nearest the grille outwards - you may have to use a flat screwdriver CAREFULLY on the underside of the light to get the plastic retaining lug over the top edge of the bumper.

7. Once the lower edge of the headlight is free the light can be taken out easily.

8. Then simply refit!! - Start withthe headlights - it is easier to refit the electrics before fully refitting the light in to place - If you are using new replacement headlights - take care with the 2 upper bolt holes as the plastic isnt the strongest. - Tighten the 3 bolts on each headlight - refit the indicators - re-insert them and tighten the screws, then press in to place the grillemaking sure the brackets all line up.