The Barbie doll enjoys being one of the worlds most popular toys. However, along the way to getting that status, there were a number of doll variations that never quite made it. This is a list of the Barbie dolls that you most likely haven't seen on store shelves lately...

Scratch and Sniff Barbie (Use your imagination...we're not saying a word.)

Divorce Barbie (includes the house, the car, and half of Ken's crap)

Shock Therapy Barbie (car battery and wires included)

Biker Barbie (with leather jacket, tattoos, and red bandana)

Politically Incorrect Barbie (Pull the string and she loudly blurts all your favorite racial slurs.)

Homeless Barbie (complete with stolen K-Mart shopping cart)

Bulemic Barbie (Feed her, then make her throw it back up!)

Drag Queen Ken (Comes with three, count 'em, three, of Barbie's dresses.)

Fast Food Barbie (Also known as want fries with that?)

Polar Bear Club Barbie (dip her in cold water, and her skin turns from pink to blue!)

Ken In Black (protecting Barbie from the worst scum of the universe)

Alcoholics Anonymous Barbie (With coffee mug and 12-step guide)

Las Vegas Showgirl Barbie (with skimpy dress)

FemmiNazi Barbie (Pull the string and find out why men suck.)

Spank-Me Barbie (see #37)

Knocked-Up Barbie

Chain Smoker Barbie (with Surgeon General's warning on box)

Tough B*tch Barbie (see #14)

Hooker Barbie (#47 after the show)

Realistic Teenage Barbie (flat chest, braces, and acne)

Internet Addiction Barbie (Pale complexion, bloodshot eyes, and coffee-stained clothes.

Triple Espresso Barbie (pull the string and she shakes uncontrollably for hours)

Edible Barbie (also known as Choc-O-Barbie)

Diarrhea Barbie (Always on the run.)

Steroid Barbie (The rest of her physique is as exaggerated as her bust is on the normal doll!)

Steroid Ken (Highly exaggerated physique; Major League Baseball uniform included {specify desired team}.)

Telemarketer Barbie (With headset and cheerful voice; your telephone is guaranteed to ring from 5:00 to 9:00 every night.)

Bladder Control Barbie (comes with a free box of Depends© undergarments)

Princess Leia Barbie (Barbie with the hairdo from Star Wars and the metal bikini from Return of the Jedi)

Darth Vader Barbie (Plastic helmet; pull the string and she sounds like James Earl Jones.)

Wookie Barbie (obnoxious blonde hair everywhere)

Han Solo Ken (frozen in carbonite)

Anakin Skywalker Ken (You can pull the string if you want, but all he does is whine)

Potato(e) Head Barbie (also just what it sounds like)

Quidditch Barbie (also not a flying toy)

Disco Barbie (BeeGees CD included)

Trailer Park Barbie (For the parent who wants to show their child what grown-up life is really going to be like.)

Battery Acid Barbie (Barbie + H2SO4 ® Fun!)

Hellfire and Damnation Barbie (Pull the string and find out exactly why you're going to hell!)