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Thread: Question about bonnet lifter components..

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    Question about bonnet lifter components..

    I found a set of bonnet lifters in the scrap yard which the guy wants £3 for.

    Only problem is, I need the nipple's to which they clip onto.. :?

    Anyone know where I can get the nipple's from for my bonnet and wing?
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    Without seeing the gas lifters and knowing the dimensions of the ball joints I would say to steer well clear.

    The gas lifters we use in work are supplied to specification, with a given gas pressure and either ball joint, ball and socket joint or rose joint ends. Unless the lifters you are buying are branded (like Monroe) then you probably stand a cat-in-hells chance of find the appropriate fittings.

    A set from PVD, with discount, is less than a good night out, so I'd go for them. Have a search on eBay for INXX lifters, they are the ones I got from PVD and they've been on the car for a long time without any problems

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