The home page and the message board have always been very seprate, meaning that members often missed large sections of the site. Hopefully with this new version of the site we can intergrate the 2 a lot better and make astra-sport more user friendly and more informative.

The new message board software has been now running a couple of weeks, but we hope we have sorted out most of the major problems we had with it. We never like taking astra-sport offline so you have to bare with us sometimes while we test and improve new parts of the site.

So thanks to all that have helped us get it right and helped us with any problems, we still have a fair few to sort out but they are in hand. We hope that everyone is finding it an improvement now and that it does offer better user options.

As always we still have loads of plans and new addtions to the site so keep your eyes pealed

Cheers all,

The astra-sport team