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Thread: Help on Basics

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    Help on Basics


    Need some help have been enjoying taking car apart and putting together again, but I think the time has come to do something about my speakers.


    I have a Sony Head unit and I am assuming standard Vauxhall Speakers.

    I only really want to mess with the front, so Tweeters and main speakers. where do I start. Can I simply walk into halfords say i like the sound of those and then fit them, or do I need adaptors (Vauxhall Wiring to new speakers) mounting plates etc.

    should I get sony speakers as I have a sony head unit and how difficult is it to change the speakers.


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    autoleads sell a fitting kit which includes speaker adaptor rings which also comes with adaptor leads for the door harness, which saves you having to cut any wires etc.

    this is the easyest way of changing speakers in you motor, then if you want to add tweeters there are two waysyou can do it, buy a tweeter kit that comes with in line passive filters that cut the bass sounds, easyest to install or a set of tweeters that come with separate passive crossovers that has 1 input then one output for bass and mid and another for high which is the tweeters, down side on the sepatrate units is you need to mount them somewhere and they are bulky, plus side oon them is you can make a feature of them when building a system.

    you can also go further that this with active crossovers but this means more wiring etc and gets a little more technical
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