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Thread: Head Unit Question

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    Head Unit Question

    I've recently fitted my Alpine 9815 to my car, I also fitted the steering wheel control leads, but I have a couple of Issues:-

    When I turn my car ignition off, the head unit stays on which Is a bummer as I keep having to use the remote to turn it of? any Ideas why this is happening.

    I've got the Yellow wire going directly to the car battery and the red wire to the ignition loom? I cant see where I'm going wrong?

    Is the date on the centre console ment to go off when I turn the head unit on?

    Sorry for all these questions, but i am learning some handy tips from you guys

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    Not sure bout ur first questions mate, but for the second one, Im sure it was lord nikon (apologies if it wasnt) that did a how to about the date on the MFD. From memory I think it involved swapping 2 wires over and the date would stay on permenantly. You would have to do a search for it of maybe PM him to ask.
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    You may find that although the yellow wire is going to the battery the red wire is probably still going to +12v in the ISO connector.

    I may be wrong but you have probably got another bullet connector that you can plug it into.

    To get the date to stay when the headunit is on you need to cut a red/white wire comming out of the ISO connector on the car side
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