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Thread: Cheapest way to boost power

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    Cheapest way to boost power

    what's the cheapest way to boost the output of a 13 yr old 1.6L astra engine? (16SV, 1598cc OHC 8v)
    At the moment it's not got much (60bhp according to the user manual, but I reckon it's closer to around 80). I've heard of induction kits and the like, but I've also heard that they add bhp to your engine in single digits - I'm after a bit more than that . . . . ideally.
    Thanks for any advice,

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    To be nonest there is not alot you can do. I presume you are running a carb? A reletivley cheap option would be to fit a 1.8 8v engine and run your cards on that.

    You should be able to pick up and engine quite cheap and by running acarb, installation should be pretty easy.

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