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Thread: Engine Symbol on dashboard

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    Engine Symbol on dashboard

    I have a 2.0 SRI and the engine light came on around 2 weeks ago, I was
    going a bit quick and then slowed right down to 60 mph.Since this the fuel consumption has changed, i was woundering they are connected?.The car has done 135,000 J reg.Does any know the average mpg of the car as I have no idea.

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    My old 2.0 gsi was great on fuel and could reture up to 38mpg.

    Engine light being on could mean a sensor has gone funny which coould result in it richening up the mixture if says it's the lambda sensor (sure i'll be corrected if i'm wrong)

    Anyway best to take it in and get it checked out
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    What has happeened is that there a sensor has failed and caused the car to go into a limp home mode which makes the ecu run to set peramiters.

    This does cause the mpg to increase but you really shouldnt be driving the car around with the engine light on.

    Best do a fault cose check and replace the sensor that has failed.
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