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Thread: pothole = puncture

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    pothole = puncture

    Just went to pick my mate up and came back the long way to go for a bit of a drive. Was only doing something like 20mph and bang, hit a hole in the road. Thought it had just knocked the tracking out but thought I better check, got out to see my tyre go flat within a minute. Anybody know what chance I'll have of claiming off the council and how I'd go about doing it? Hopefully just need a new tyre, don't know if it's damaged the rim at all. Take it I'm gonna have to replace both front tyre, or can I just replace the one thats knackered? Thankfully the jack held out, I've heard on hear they have failed before. That was my biggest worry, was on a tiny country road in the middle of the woods, with no phone reception and no houses for miles, would've been well stuffed. And to make it better my mate kept going on that she was scared incase somebody attacked us!! Not being funny but I had a wheel brace in my hand, don't think they'd have stood a chance the mood I was in. Hope I can get it sorted tomorrow.

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    Get back there and take some photos of the pot hole as soon as possible. (AS IN NOW).

    Then go down to your local council offices and make a complaint about the state of that road and ask for a address to make a claim to.
    Write a letter of compliant and tell them the damage your cars sustained. (don't send ant photos). Get your car fixed and tell them how much its cost you (keep the reciepts)
    They will drag it out for as long as possible. Hopefully (to them) you will give up. DON'T!
    After a few months (you'll have got no-where) write to them giving them 7 days to come to a suitable conclusion or you will look at taking the claim through the small claims court.
    They will normally tell you it was your fault and offer you NO money.

    Thats when you take them to court (£50). You'll need to get all the required info from your County Court. You can at this stage do it ON-LINE.

    Normally they will chicken out and settle out of court.

    IT TAKES TIME. I waited 1 year and 1 week before i was told my local council were setling out of court. Three weeks later i've still NOT recieved my cheque. Rang them this week and told their solicitors they have under two weeks then i'm still going on the planned court date.

    If you can be ar$ed go for it. Want any more help PM me.

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