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Thread: Pastic Cover on my SXI Engine

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    Pastic Cover on my SXI Engine

    Dear all,

    Can you tell me if the plastic cover on my ecoteck engine can come off and be painted without much work. I would like to spray it the same as the car but i am not sure if it is just a case of unbolting it and spraying.

    It's the cover on the 1.6 16v SXI Ecotek engine (not sure the moddel but it has the oil filler cap at the front on the Left hand side).

    02 Astra 1.6 16V SXI 5dr
    Scorpion cat back system, PVD panel filter, de-restricted and drilled out air box, Vectra piping
    Sony head unit with speakers, amp & sub to match, Chrome heater dials and plush car mats

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    Yep, just undo the two Torx bolts, unclip the hoses, and it's off.

    Make sure you rub it down, use a good few coats of primer to lose the ECOTECH wording.

    Word of warning, the ecotech lettering is not a sticker, you have to buy the whole cover if you want it back !
    (unless you get a sticker made up.)

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