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Thread: GSI trip computer

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    GSI trip computer

    hey all, went to the scrappy today and found a mashed up gsi (such a waste - i'd have had it if they didnt want it!! ). had a look to see what could be salvaged from it but all i could get was the trip computer. Thought i mite be able to put it in in place of my standard astra one to show the date and time. not bothered about the other stuff cos getting everything to work would take forever and i'd have to get hold of more stuff. does anybody know if this is possible cos we tried just plugging the lead from the other into it but we dont get any display just light. any help would be appreciated.

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    Yeah you could replace it but i think when you start the car up you will get lots of warnings to cancel.

    Brake check
    check washer fluid
    check oil level
    lack of oil
    check brake pad
    etc etc

    Could be very annoying. :x
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