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Thread: Howdy! HELP! Dismantling Dash

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    Howdy! HELP! Dismantling Dash

    Alreet fellow astra modifiers!

    I need a bit of help, I've got some sweet blue electroluminescent LED's to replace the boring yellow glow through my white dials on my mk4.

    Only problem is, i cant be arsed to spend ages lookin 4 all the screws and splines that need to be removed to get to the bulbs!

    Has any of you already had the dash to bits that could give me a bit of guidance? I would do it myself, but i aint got a garage, and it needs to be done pretty quick with the dark nights after work/uni!

    Cheers guys! Keep in touch!

    Any northern lads, let me know of any decent meets, and im there! Still pretty much standard at the mo, so ill not be showing off just yet, but come xmas, watch out!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

    See ya!
    Pictures of my new astra mk4 to come soon! Ill keep them updated of mods etc!

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    removing the speedo dash couldnt be easy

    1) remove the top cover to the steering columm (two screws hiden behind plastic caps)

    2) remove the for screws holding the plastic surround inplace two at the top and two at the bottom

    3) remove the plastic surround

    4)you will see a white lever at the top that connects the speedo to the electrics push this lever to left to release

    5) manipulate the speedo past the steering wheel

    you will see the bulb holders on the back of the speedo just take out and replace with the new bulbs

    Refit in reverse

    couldnt be easy whouldnt take more than 30 minutes

    Would be interest to see how bright the blue look is ive tried many differnt leds and they look dull behind the white dials so i went back to the normal

    hope this helps

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