man walks into a bar and order 3 whiskeys

"drowning your sorrows mate?" asks the bar man

"no" says the man as he explains why he has orderd 3 whiskeys

"you see i have two brothers, one lives in New York and the other in Hong Kong. Every Friday night we all go into our local bars and order 3 whiskeys, one for each of us. Thus giving the feeling that we are still all havng a drink together"

"oh, thats pretty cool " says the bar man

this goes on for about a year on a regular basis every fri night until one night the man comes in and orders only two whiskeys. The barman fears the worst and thinks one of his brothers has died or something so he askes

"if you dont mind me asking, have one of your brothers passed away? "

to which the man replys

"no not at all, i am just off the drink for a while"