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Thread: Alarm explaination

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    Alarm explaination

    hey guys,

    sorry for these stupid questions but id like sum explaination about these terms ops:

    what does the following mean:

    - perimetric protection
    - proximity sensor
    - volumetric sensor
    - how do you call the motion sensor (not shock) which detects movement inside the car ?

    ta again for ur help
    Don't blame me if I say stoopid things or don't understand... I'm half French, half Pinoy lol

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    Perimetric protection = scans the perimiter of your car for people checking it out, if they get to close or hang around a little to long for your liking it normaly beeps to warn them off

    proximity sensor = A proximity sensor is usually a sensor that detects an object passing accross its scanning path regardless of density.

    volumetric sensor = not sure but i think there like the above sensors but can diferentiate between the density of an object such as a passing car and a person. A bit like a metal detector.

    Motion sensors = ultrasonic sensors, normally fitted to the top of your a piller

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