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Thread: SKY+ broken

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    SKY+ broken

    Got home tonight to find my Sky+ system has gone kaput! Going to be lost with out sky as they cannot get anyone out till Tuesday!! They also told me that they may replace it with a recondition one, its only 4months old!! Has anybody on here had any problems with the SKY+ I am not happy, now means I have now got to decorate the bedroom
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    Ours is working fine ha aha hahahahah

    Sorry couldn't resist. We were gonna get Sky + instead of Sky Digital, but I'm gonna hang fire for a bit. We have the main PC in the living room, with a TV out, Audio Out etc linked in, so we can watch .AVI movies off the net with Dolby etc.

    I saw Windows Media Station 4 demo'ed on the TV last week, in the US it can control Digital Satellite TV, like on Sky +, record from the net, rip your CD collection to the harddrive AND it can be controlled from a remote control.

    The PC needs upgrading soon (only running at 1200mhz now) so we'll probably get that instead

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