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Thread: Funny Astra Mod !

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    Funny Astra Mod !

    Found this astra review which I thought you might find interesting folks !.

    Wants an Arden Blue GSI


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    "I would like to say that I have MK4 Astra on a 99 v plate, I have spent about 6k just modifying the car, I previously worked for pentagon Vauxhall in Derby, so I do know what Im talking about,, My MK4 is a 2.2 16v with a Nitrous kit fittment. I can get about 220bhp with the turbo kicking over,, the nitrous gives me another 65 - 75bhp, beleive me when i tell you that guy who claims to have 160mph instantly is talking proper rubbish, for a start the manifold set in his MK4 wuoldnt handle 180bhp without reselected cams, which he wont have the inteligence to do,, and its rare a garage will do it for you, secondly if he had 18inch wheels on his MK4, he wouldnt get 180bhp anyway, even with a Rolls Royce turbing up its end,, as the friction between tyre and road automatically drops the bhp by 30bhp at high speeds,,,

    The verdict is, he's talking out of his rusty bullet."

    wtf?!?! :?
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