I wonder if we can get a new section where people could post scrapyards which they've had a bargain from. I've tried a few scrapyards for my last car and found that a lot of them are refusing to let you look around, they tend to strip the cars themselves and will sell you the parts off the shelf but I like to wander around the yard and sometimes you'll see something off another make/model which you think would look ok on your car. Also sometimes you only remember you want something when your removing another part, plus of course you can remove ALL the bits you need to fit the new item as the off the shelf type of scrappie tend not to give you any fittings.

Anyone know of a decent yard within the Gtr Manchester area which has a reasonable selection of Astra G's could you please post it's location. I'm looking for some door strips and door handles for a 5 door and also a 1.8 16v Ecotec cam cover so I can get it chromed without having to put my car off the road whilst it's getting done.