Change the rims again today. so thats 3 different sets of rims my car has seen in 3 days. My Dragons, High Power Black BK299s and now Silver BK 299s.

And they look ****in brilliant, proper make the car, real DTM slag now.
Honestly its amazing what a different color can do to a look of a wheel.
I aint gonna post pics as I aint took any photos but I assure you they a wicked. Not to every bodys taste but I like em so ner.
Cheers Matt should have took your advice from the start mate and had the silver, would have saved loads of time and greif. Just needs lowering on the front to 60mm. The backs fine could do with going down another 5-10mm at a push but it looks good. Shame I couldnt get the front lowerd before trax but no time or money. see you all sunday.