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Thread: I've been busy :-) take a look ...

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    I've been busy :-) take a look ...

    spot the diffrence...

    before ....
    pic loading please wait ...

    click picture to enlarge

    pic loading please wait ...

    click picture to enlarge

    more after pics
    pic1 - pic2 - pic3

    Here's what I did...

    popped out gear leaver gaiter
    removed panel under hand brake pic
    removed tc switch panel pic
    removed ashtray and disconnected pic
    removed lower centre console pic
    removed rear ashtray
    removed glove box and disconnected pic1 - pic2
    (All my wiring is hidden, mainly behind the glove box.)


    2nd din storage pod pic
    foot well top covers things
    head rests
    rear seat (bum bit not back bit) pic
    3 grab handels
    passenger sun visor
    A pillar covers
    B pillars covers
    C pillars covers pic
    centre console pic1 - pic2 (lower section) - pic3
    detached heater controls pic
    clock/date/temp display pic1 - pic2
    old cdr500 pic
    stereo chassis
    centre air vents
    hazards switch
    tc control button (put these last two back in for safety reasons)

    and lowered rear roof lining

    and i'm sure theres more i've forgotten.

    so by this stage its looking pretty worse for wear ! ...

    next ...

    removed roof aerial
    removed base unit
    removed rear water jet.

    blocked rear water jet tube and sealed.
    disconnceted aerial and remove completly.

    Fitted my new BOSCH Gti Flex FM/DAB Aerial (looks nearly identical to astra one, dont bother nicking it cos its usless with out the base unit.)
    old aerial pic1 - old aerial base pic

    NEW DAB aerial pic ... new pic

    (when you get digital radio you can get a little dab aerial - but that means you either have no fm/am/lw or you need to keep your old aerial too. The aerial I've fitted means I can do everything from 1 aerial)

    I ran the new aerial lead in roof lining, following rear washer water pipe (passenger side along and down A pillar) then to behind glove box.

    then I re-fitted a lot of the interior bits.

    fitted two Necvox window mounted power amplified antennae, on the rear window, and ran wires down into boot under rear seats, and along passenger side lower trim up to behind the glove box.
    I did not fit these as permanantly as the DAB aerial as I wasnt sure how good it was going to be.

    fitted the active splitter - this splits new aerial signal into fm/am/lw and DAB digital radio.

    fitted Necvox In-Car TV Tuner to underside of glove box tray, and modified rear of glove box to run wires out to behind glove box.

    wired up my Cash :-) TFT screen see this post for more details

    fitted TFT screen to the centre console

    made 12v gamecube lead

    fitted gamecube to car

    made ashtray switch panel and ran leads - before pic

    after pic loading ... please wait ...

    From left to right : colour +, colour -, brightness +, brightness -, gamecube ON/OFF, TV tuner ON/OFF, Screen ON/OFF

    fitted my modified ISO connector to the stereo loom and ran new wires.

    fitted all other cables

    fitted it all into my car and connected it together

    fitted my new head unit (see below for details)

    fitted my mmc card reader to my PC pic

    drag and dropped 45 songs onto my mmc card (takes only a few seconds) and put it in my stereo pic

    burnt 199 songs and 15 albums onto one 80 minute CDRW

    fitted the infra red tv remote control sensor to the storage tray pic1 - pic2

    and that was pretty much it !

    all done

    so now have ...

    in car

    fm/am/lw radio
    DAB digital radio
    mp3 player
    cd/cdr/cdrw player
    and gamecube

    to come..

    DVD ?
    sat nav ?

    not sure yet.

    My new stereo is the Blaupunkt Woodstock DAB 52 pic1 - pic2 - pic3

    I am a big fan of Blaupunkt as the quality is so good. Blaupunkt are part of Bosch so all the connections and cables are all quality bosch, all sealed in packs.

    heres the stereo spec ...

    Main Features:

    Blaupunkt Woodstock DAB52 - the world's first DAB receiver in a standard car radio enclosure!

    Integral MP3 player for both CD-ROM and MMC (multimedia cards)

    Plays conventional MP3 / CD in standard, CD-R and CD-R/W media

    Removable front panel (with case) for total security. 4 x 45W power output

    DAB Digital Audio Broadcasting reception for unheard of clarity and choice of stations

    DAB tuner:

    20 DAB stations can be stored (four banks of five stations)

    Several DAB stations can be broadcast on one frequency, called ensembles. Ensembles can be directly selected or scanned. Once an ensemble has been selected, one of it's stations can be selected. DAB Travelstore will automatically store the first five stations of the current ensemble into memory

    DAB reception on bands:

    BAND III (Europe) 274.928 - 239.200MHz (Channel 5A - Channel 13F)
    BAND L (Europe) 1452.961 - 1490.625MHz (Channel LA - Channel LW)

    DAB News and DAB Weather announcements can be turned on or off, as required

    DAB traffic announcements can be turned off, selected by region or received unfiltered

    DAB service following will automatically retune to the same station in another ensemble (if available), if the current signal fades.

    Reception of all DAB sub-programmes is possible

    DAB radio text can switched on or off

    Analogue tuner:

    30 station presets for FM / LW / MW wavebands

    TA (traffic announcement) will switch stations for the duration of a traffic report. The original station is restored at the end of the report. Tone and volume of traffic announcements can be independently set.

    Travelstore function will automatically store the six strongest (FM only) stations available in area

    RDS-AF (alternate frequency) feature inaudibly retunes the receiver to the best available signal for the station that is currently set

    PTY-EON (programme type) information displays and allows selection of similar types of programme (news, pop, classics, sport etc.)

    Switchable hi-cut filter improves reception of weak FM stations by reducing treble

    Preset scan will play all receivable stations for a period (can be adjusted between 5 and 30 seconds)

    Radio text can be scrolled across display or turned off

    CD / MP3 / MMC features:

    Playback of MP3 encoded CD discs at rates of up to 256kB/sec

    Playback of MMC cards (the MMC card is inserted in a slot below the CD slot)

    Accepts any capacity of MMC card

    CD / MP3 / MMC audible search, random play, track repeat and track scan (with adjustable scan period)

    CD naming allows up to 30 discs to be assigned names of up to 8 characters each (99 discs via CD changer)

    MP3 / MMC ID3 tag display of artist, disc and track names (scrolling for tracks not currently playing)

    CD / MP3 / MMC TPM (track program memory) can store the order that you require tracks to be played. Up to 30 discs, with up to 40 tracks on each disc can be stored. This function also operates on an optional CD changer

    Other features:

    Mute facility can be manually selected, or automatically activated by hands free phone call or navigation announcement (if fitted). Mute volume level is adjustable

    Car telephone (or navigation announcement, if fitted) can be played through radio's amplifier and speakers

    Four channel preamp outputs for connecting additional amplifier

    Separate preamp output for subwoofer, with low pass filtering

    Display can be set to display clock (12 or 24 hour modes) briefly when radio is first switched on, or permanently

    Auxiliary input facility (I use this to connect to my tv tuner, The gamcube plugs into the tv tuner in the AV1 socket)

    Source specific tone adjustment allows tone and volume distribution settings to be set for each source (radio, MD, CD changer or aux input, traffic announcements)

    Five band digital parametric equaliser. Six sound presets (pop, jazz, speech etc) are provided as pre-programmed equaliser settings, as alternative to manual adjustment

    The level meter in the display can be used as an indicator of volume and settings during equaliser adjustment. At other times, the display can be switched to a spectrometer display

    CD changer, MP3 compact drive and/or remote control can be added if required


    So what do I think ...

    The TFT screen email me if you want one

    it needs only 4 connections
    - ground
    video signal (signal + earth screen)

    it is a high resolution screen : 224,640 pixels 960 x 234 : and this shows as the picture quality is fantastic, I put Mario sunshine in the gamecube, and all the on screen text was easy to read.

    the screen really is good.

    In Car TV

    I started looking around for in car TV tuners and around the shops they were not shy in saying in car TV was rubbish, so they talked me out of it. However after a while I just thought well I might as well try it, and have it for novelty value.
    Well I did try it, and Im glad I did !

    in some locations you cant get anything except slight flicker of picture.
    you can get 1 or two channels in fuzzy black and white with ok sound
    you can get 1 or two channels in good black and white with good sound
    you can get about 3 channels some in colour some in black&white all with sound
    you can get 4 or 5 channels in colour with sound

    and this is all within a 5 mile radius just depends where you are, so far everyone I shown has thought this was really cool, regardless of quality.

    InCar gamecube

    well im not going to review the gamecube, yes ps2 would be better (for dvd).

    I had a gamecube tucked away in a cupboard, I had been tryhing to sell it, then I thought may as well put it in my car, at least until Mario Kart comes out in November ! then get it back out ready for some beers and mario kart tournaments over christmas

    i'm using the gamecube to show of the screen and it works well ! I use the starting sequence from starwars game, and with its played through the stereo it really is a cool, especially with the bass turned up.

    DAB digital radio

    what can I say - get this !

    you can just skip through radio stations by pressing one button, no tuning or anything.
    I can get over 45 stations !?! and they're all cd quality music
    Text scrolls across saying info, DJ info, station phone numbers, web address's postal adresses, even what songs coming next !


    I love my music, and theres no better way, mp3 rules !

    download on kazaa, or rip using winamp - then burn cd or save to mmc.

    the mmc card is really neat, you can have all your main albums on an mp3 cd then just the odd song or those you only like at the moment on the mmc.

    artist and track names scroll
    album names scroll

    skip albums using up and down buttons
    skip tracks using left and right buttons
    simple !

    oh and a few other things...

    1. what an idiot I am ! i didnt know there was a pen holder in the astra ! pic

    2. interior panels are not designed for removing ! pull them off, retrieve the clips, refit the clips to the removed piece then push fit back in place.

    3. allways get a haynes manual, even if they are sh!t theres always something you didnt know. pic


    1 x Blaupunkt Woodstock DAB fm/am/LW/cd/cdr/cdrw/mp3/mmc tuner pic1 - pic2 - pic3

    1 x Vauxhall Centre console pic

    1 x Bosch Gti Flex FM/DAB Aerial pic
    1 x 5metre sap1 to sap 1 aerial connector pic
    1 x 1metre sap1 to sap1 aerial connector pic
    1 x signal splitter
    1 x splitter 12v feed lead
    1 x aerial lead pic
    1 x Blaupunkt auxiliary input to 3.5mm jack lead pic
    1 x Bosch sap1 to Blaupunkt adaptor
    1 x sap1 to sap1 coupler

    1 x ISO stereo connector pic

    1 x usb multi card reader for flash/smart/mmc pic
    1 x 128Mb mmc card pic1 - pic2

    1 x TFT LCD 5inch open frame high res colour screen pic email

    1 x Necvox In-Car TV Tuner pic1 - pic2
    1 x InfraRed remote control sensor and lead pic
    1 x InfraRed remote control and battery pic
    1 x power lead pic
    2 x window mount power amplified antennae pic

    2 x stereo red and white phono, plug to plug leads pic
    1 x 3.5mm stereo coupler
    1 x 3.5mm stereo jack to twin phono socket adaptor plug

    3 x mini red and black SPST rocker switches
    4 x mini push to make switches

    1 x Nintendo Gamecube
    1 x Nintendo Gamecube to audio video phonos lead
    1 x 12v Nintendo Gamecube power lead


    1.5mm thick aluminium sheet
    1.5mm thick PVC sheet
    sticky back black plastic
    3A and 5A nylon connector blocks
    male & female crimps
    thin general wire
    thick general wire
    doubled sided tape
    black foam/felt
    rapid set araldite
    hot glue
    Haynes manual pic
    various colour code sleeve
    white labels


    So apologies for the long post ! please read it all as it took me longer to write this and upload the 50 pictures than it did to do the whole project !

    please post any spelling corrections or more importantly dead links or wrong pictures, i tried hard.

    I am sorry I couldnt do a full how to on this, but i really really did not have the time, I had to get it finished before my girlfriend got back from holiday. and any one who has done a how - to will know just how hard it is to get all the pics correct and in focus.

    I also apologise for the poor focus pictures I am not that good with my old mans camera.

    I have taken 2 low quality video clips (.avi)
    1 of gamecube - star wars intro with sound, on the new screen (5.3Mb)
    1 of poor clip from the Golf open on bbc 1 (1.53Mb)
    (they are very low quality and dont show off the screen enough, as the picture is really sharp in real life. but thought id show you anyway.)
    I will upload these soon, please remind me incase i forget.
    I will also try to take some screen shots of colour tv etc (.jpg)

    hope you all like this, and give me a shout if you want a screen ...
    see NEW - a TFT colour screen for the sat nav hole ! (mk4) - By Cash

    or buy plug and play centre consoles, or have matching installs to this done.

    I've got 4 more screens coming soon jimmys getting one and adam sxi's getting one.


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    erm.... blimey!

    looking good mate... you certainly have been busy!
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    wow, nice one, looks factory, love the switches u have hidden in the ash tray.

    one question tho, are u going to relocate the normal astra display to somewhere else in the car? the second din slot for example. or are you just doing to do without temp,date and time info
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    Looking good Cash you certainly have been busy but I am sure you agree it was worth it.

    You could have also used the Vauxhall Triplex(GSM/GPS/FM) aerial and retained the rear washer as it is also made by Bosch. If you are going to hide your aerials for the TV the little amplifier hide nicely behind the rear trim panel in the boot lid and the ariels can be mounted on the black surround of the window without affecting preformance and being easily visable from the outide or inside.

    Is that the Gunmetal centre console?

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    Thanks everyone,

    Cal - I think I am going to re-fit the display somewhere but not sure where, maybe in the 2nd din bit.

    Steve tells me "PVD currently do a mod board for the multi function display on the Corsa B, Tigra and Mk3 Astra, which allows you to have extra functions like speedo, 1/4 mile time, oil temp etc on the display. Hopefully they'll have it made for the MK4 soon "

    so then it will definately have to back in, with this !

    BasilD - thanks, couldnt have done it without your incouragement !
    I didnt think the Vauxhall Triplex worked with DAB ?
    I didnt think the Vauxhall Triplex had the same sap1 connection?
    also I got the aerial as part of a package.

    I was going to relocate the washer jet but then realised I never use the rear washer anyway as I always keep my car clean as its black.

    But thanks anyway cos if I do miss the jet I will check out that aerial.

    It is not the gun metal console, it is apparantly the anthracite one ? I bought it thinkin it was black, but very pleased with how it looked ! part number #13117923, It has a kinda rough finish, not shiny.

    Thanks for the TV aerial tip, as I said I temporarily installed them to see how good the TV was, but now I'm going to put them in properly - that sounds like an excellent plan ! , thanks again Super Basil to the rescue !

    Also while I remember ...

    I didnt think i'd miss the stereo steering wheel controls !
    i didnt think i used them as much as i have now realised I did !
    so im going to buy the adaptor so I can use them on my new headunit. I held out cos the adaptor is £50 !


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    pics don't work!

    Look forward to seeing the new mods!

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    Looking good mate.

    I am still waiting for my centre console from Vauxhall though It's on back order now.
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    Cash that looks bloody savage...

    Well done, it was worth the work. Very cool.

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    Looks worth all that effort. Very Nice.

    I've been looking at that M-Tech info display too. Need to find out if it's all in Kph. (like in PVD catalogue).
    Still tempted.

    Can you ran it past me again, what did you do! :roll:

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    Quick question.

    Where has the MFD gone?
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