This comes up over and over. I've suffered from it and there appears to be a common reason

The throttle body housing is full of carbon deposts and 'gunk', needing clearing out.

Remove the end of the air filter where it enters the throttle body (top middle of the head)

With carb cleaner, give a generous clean out of the housing and check the operation of the opening of varying throttle. The car may stall if the concentration of carb cleaner is high, this is nothing to worry about - restart and repeat.

Reassemble and see if this has improved it.

If not - dismantle the air intake hoses and check there are no blockages from leaves etc.

If this fails, it could be the throttle actuator not opening enough - but I've not done this one

Currently running an induction kit has alleviated the throttle response problem, but others have had more trouble from fitting one.