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Thread: Seat Changes ???

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    Seat Changes ???

    Not sure where to put this so here it goes ...

    Have been reading that the Subaru seats from the Impreza turbos will fit into the Vauxhalls ! ??

    The main reason behind this post is does anyone know if they will, and how easy it is. If it is straight forward then the leather Recaros in my GSi will be up for sale (F&R) anyone any ideas as to price for the complete set from my car ??

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    P1 seats would look shit hot, they wont be cheap thought.

    Best be is phone a few of the bigger scappies.

    As for yours, see as its so new you've got to be talking lots, £500-£1000??
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    My mate has just had an insurance write off come into his garage. It's an Impreza 555 with the blue alcantara seats. He says I can have them cheap if I want them. I want to be positive these will fit before I get them. Only looking at the front 2 seats !!!

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    PM sent mate

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    I will trial fit these tomorrow afternoon so will know definately then. IF successful then my front and rear seats will be available.

    Details are

    Half leather Recaro GSi. Fully adjustable with knee support at the front and side airbags.

    I will let interested parties know tomorrow.


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    Seats are a complete Pain in the ARSE !! There must be subtle differences between my setup and the Corsas as the do not fit with the subframes !!

    Not best happy I can tell you !

    I may well look into swapping my seats for pukka Buckets in the future but not soon. Sorry guys and girls that wanted my GSi ones !

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